The Canadian Scottish Terrier Club


Specialty 2007 Fundraiser

The Alberta Branch of the CSTC has commissioned two very special portrait pieces for their fundraiser drawing held at their Country Fair - The 2007 specialty weekend. The CSTC supports the Scottish Terrier Club of America's Health Trust fund. The HTF is funding for all genetic diseases found in the Scottie.

The winner of the first prize is an 8x10 portrait painting of their champion or beloved pet by Nan. Second prize is a portrait done on our exquisite Oriental Tea Jar. The winners and images of the created portraits will be posted here at the conclusion of the event.

The drawing was held on August 5, 2007. More information may be found at the CSTC website The winners and their commissioned portraits will be displayed here when Nan has completed them.

Oscar Oscar close up

"Oscar", Scottish Terrier, 8x10 Portrait Painting
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Grand Prize Winner

This grand prize winner of the 8x10 portrait painting was Guy Hurteau of Quebec, Canada. He chose the subject for his painting to be his little black Scottie, Oscar. To affirm Oscar's playful and sociable nature is portrayed frolicking in a fresh fall of snow. It was an opportunity for Nan to discover all the colors to be found within a black and white scene. With a muzzle full of snow you can tell just how much fun little Oscar is!

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"Tigg", Border Collie, Oriental Tea Jar
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Second Prize Winner

Bill Wylie of Alberta Canada won the porcelain Oriental Tea Jar. Tigg is a 4-year-old black and white female Border Collie that belongs to their youngest daughter, Alex. Bill said that Tigg is shy of the camera so finding the perfect picture proved difficult. We can all sympathize with how difficult it can be photographing dogs! Typically of most Border Collies, Tigg just loves to work. The champion of fetch and Frisbee! With ample description from Bill, Nan transformed a winter snapshot of Tigg into a Frisbee session in the grassy park that is her favorite spot near their home.

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Fundraiser Auction

Another piece by Nan will be up for auction at the CSTC specialty, a very special Scotty porcelain box. An elegant 3 inch square fine porcelain box with a full head-study. An old castle ruins looms behind on a steep Scottish brae. Tucked within the box Nan has painted a prickly purple thistle, the Emblem of Scotland!

Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier box, ster0025

The Lid

Closup of the lid


A peek inside

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