Brooches by Nan Kilgore

Petite and Medium Heart Boxe

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Petite and Medium Heart Box Examples

Petite and Medium Heart Box Examples:
Irish Wolfhound and Maltese are shown

This little porcelain box reminiscent of a locket! The two halves of the heart are hinged together with a finely detailed and antiqued metal bezel which with a snap to form a little chamber. Perfect for hiding a secret keepsake! We have two sizes, the Petite Heart Box, which measures 1-3/4; inches across and the Medium Heart Box, which is 2-1/4; inches across. Both are decorated inside and out and the top cover make a great canvas for a portrait head-study. And of course each piece is absolutely original and are signed and registered with a Collector's Number. Custom order one for your sweetheart!

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Porcelain Boxes

Porcelain Box Example

Porcelain Box:
Border Terrier shown

Small fine porcelain boxes make a perfect addition to your collection. These boxes are about 2 inches across and are available in several shapes. The lids are just perfect for a head-study portrait. The box bases are embellished with swirling colors and metallic enamels to harmonize with painting. Simply beautiful for your curio collection

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Porcelain Box Examples

More Porcelain Box Examples:
Borzoi and French Bulldog shown

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Special Porcelain Boxes

Special Porcelain Box Example

Special Porcelain Box:
Wirehaired Dachshund shown,
notice the little badger inside!

Another fine addition to our collection. These are beautiful little porcelain boxes with metal clasp and hinge. We have currently a round and a rectangular shaped box of approximately 2 to 3 inches in size. Typically Nan will paint a corresponding surprise inside that these boxes a very special gift.

For prices see Special Hinged Porcelain Box at Prices

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