Custom Graphics

We have created designs for a wide range of applications. Fresh, clean and accurate layouts suited for bold reproduction and clarity to more elaborate designs for special occasions. Below is a small sample of past projects that illustrate the possibilities.

A Custom Pin Design

Pin designs are always interesting, and here one project that was partially fun. The client wanted to replace a rather utilitarian pin for her business with something a bit more attractive and interesting. It gave us the opportunity to take a creative approach to the project and she was most pleased with the results.

Pin Layout

The Layout Design

Pin Mockup

The Pin Mockup Illustration


The Results

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Custom Document Designs

Fresh styling with a range from the traditional to the avant-garde. We strive to make all our projects special.

Tiger Horse Certificate

The Certificate Front

Tiger Horse Certificate

Back with Pedigree Tree

Hogan transformation

Graphics for special events and occasions a simple snapshot can be transformed into something special.

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Tapestries Designs

We have done several designs for tapestry afghans. This design is for the Fox Valley Shiba Fanciers. We incorporated Year 2000 in Kanji letters into the design to highlight that the throw is for their 2000 Specialty. Dynamic with careful attention to details that makes them special.

Shibi Inu Tapestry Pugs Tapestry Fox Hunt Tapestry
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