Ibizan Hound Club of the US

Health & Research Fundraiser IHCUS In 2001 the Health and Research Committee of IHCUS wished to raise funds for research into conditions and health issues effecting the breed. The Ibizan Hound is a rare breed so the committee's main predicament was how to raise significant funds where the national membership was limited. Nan had an idea of how to expand the raffle beyond the Ibizan Hound fanciers modest support base. She would offer the commission of a portrait for the raffle so tickets would be attractive to more than just Ibizan Hound fans. The fundraiser was very successful and when the drawing was held September 22, 2001the winner of the portrait had Salukis!

IHCUS Ticket Below is portrayed the portrait of the winner, G Hayford's two Salukis. Nan placed them in a late summer country scene. She has captured the Saluki's noble air and there is a hint of the approaching evening.

Winning Portrait

IHCUS 2001 Painting

In the collection of G D Hayford

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