Miniature Paintings

After working on my jewelry pieces, some no bigger than your little fingernail, working with dimension of 4 to 8 inches feels very liberating! There is a gem-like beauty to such small and intimate work. They fulfill a different niche in the world of art and have an enthusiastic following of collectors. These pieces are done in enamels and acrylics on porcelain or panel. We marry them with the perfect frame, which we customize or make to precisely coordinate with the painting. Here is a small sample to illustrate what possibilities are possible.


A 4x4 Example

Enamels & Glazes on Tile:
Japanese Chin shown

There has been a long tradition and appeal in miniature painting for many centuries and flourished across the world starting around the 16th century from the far Orient, Middle East to Renaissance Europe. Miniature painting seems to derive from beautiful and elaborate illuminations in manuscripts that these areas produced at this time. While huge paintings that barely fit on a gallery wall can impress and overwhelm, there is something very special, alluring, and personal in a work just a few inches across. Here is a lovely little Chin. It is done ceramic tile with a combination of high-fire glazes and enamel painting with beautiful effect.

For prices see 4 in. x 4 in. Miniature Painting at Prices

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A 4x6 Example

Enamels on Porcelain:
Dutch Belted Galloway shown

Dutch Belted Galloway here demonstrates that you are not limited to dogs for subject matter. Nan's interests includes all animals, including humans. Dogs have just enjoyed a special advantage with her devotion of more than 30 years as a foundation breeder of Ibizan Hounds, and her communication has with other breeders of fine dogs. Rare breeds of special interest regardless of the species!

For prices see 4 in. x 6 in. Miniature Painting at Prices

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A 5x7 Example

Acrylics on Panel:
Brussels Griffon shown

Capturing the personality of the subject in addition to the structure is essential to a successful portrait. You cannot deny the importance of conformation and draftsmanship, but a purely mechanical rendering will just miss the mark. Nan does not copy photographs but uses them as reference. For portrait commissions we encourage you to send more than one image and maybe also include a description to give some insight to your best friend!

For prices see 5 in. x 7 in. Miniature Painting at Prices

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 4x4 Special Example

Acrylics on Panel:
Havanese shown

Attention to detail and experimentation is essential to fresh and exciting art. Everything, including the frame is considered as part of the whole creation. It is impossible to show you every possibility; we do not really have stock frames but are either reworked or custom make them to integrate with the painting. We can send images of your piece to you before we ship with commission projects and we guarantee your satisfaction. The Internet is wonderful! You can be half way around the world, and some of our patrons are, and step into our studio without leaving your chair!

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