12/18/2017 A few more throw designs add for this season's Specials; for the Tibetan breeds The Tibetan Dog Small Throw. A throw representing Spanish the Podencos Podencos of Spain Small Throw. And the desert Azawakh Azawakh Sunrise Small Throw with traditional mud cloth styling. Hurry and get you oder in today, sale ends on December 29 2017.

12/10/2017 Special by demand, Ibizan Cartouche Pendant. Hand crafted and individually painted and you can request your own coat color and markings.

2/4/2014 The Pride of Spain - Rare Limited Edition Print

12/18/2013 Another special limited edition throw is here. And yes time is almost up to reserve your The Pride of Spain Throw. Only available until December 21, 2013 23:59:59 GMT, so hurry! These throws are signed and only producted for a single run.

9/28/2013 Something new for Little Works Studio, special limited edition Ibizan Hound throw with Nan's painting "Paradise in Spain" reproduced only for a single run. They will be signed by name and only available until October 06, 2013 23:59:59 GMT, so reserve your Paradise in Spain Throw today!

2/20/2012 I have done some backend work to make the site search both easier to use and more accurate. It expands when you highlight it to make entering keywords easier and does a precheck just in case you hit enter before your enter anything.

11/4/2011 I added a small little tweak to the galleries to put the unsold pieces first. Should make it easier to see what is available but still see what other's have added to their collections. Enjoy!

9/30/2011 I discovered the Facebook LIKE button was not that easy to implement. I think I have the kinks worked out so you can now really show your likes. I tried but I was not able to support old MSIE 6.0. The problem is in Facebook's code not mine. I suggested your upgrade your browser. If you are on a legacy version of Windows and stuck at version 6 then I would suggest installing Firefox, Chrome, or Opera as a way to get a more modern web browser.

8/9/2011 Well just a little behind the times but I have now added Facebook LIKE buttons on the gallery closeup pages for all you Facebook fans. Click and tell your friends what you like. I guess I will need to setup a Little Works Studio Facebook page too!

10/9/2008 Now that I have gotten the move to the new server completed I have renewed my efforts on the development of the new website design. One feature in the new design is search engine for the whole site. The development went so well that I am not waiting for the new design and implementing it now. So try out the new search box at the top of each page and let me know what you think of it!

9/24/2008 We've moved! Well, behind the scenes we have moved to a new hosting company, WestHost that offer VPS hosting that has given me more control to improve security for you while shopping at our studio. The transition was not quite as smooth as I had hoped, so I am sorry for the few days of flaky service, but I think I have the kinks worked out. Let me know if I have missed anything. This new hosting will assist in our newest revision of the site so I am now putting my efforts into the next version of the gallery!

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6/24/2008 Please note that as a further security measure with credit card payments we now require the extra Card Security Code, sometimes refered as the CVV, CVC, or CID code from your card. If you are not sure where this security code is located I have added information on the Card Security Code location with images.

5/15/2008 You may notice a new logo located in the upper-right corner of our pages. The Security Metrics is evidence of our continuing dedication to protecting your private information. We have passed our PCI DSS assessment and will continue to be reevaluated and our website and procedures for tested compliance. We want you, our patrons, to be secure and feel safe while shopping at our studio.

4/28/2008 Whew! Finally done! Just completed Nan's tribute project to the breed she has committed over 35 years to, the Ibizan Hound. View this grand collection of trophies for the IHCUS 2008 National Specialty on our IHCUS 2008 Trophies page. A massive undertaking of 63 glorious original pieces, so much so that I have had to break down the page into several sub pages to accommodate all the pictures!

1/20/2008 Our love for animals is obvious, neither Nan nor I could envision our lives without them. The hardest part of having pets is that we usually outlive them. This pass year we lost some very dear and long-time companions and some of our friends also lost some very dear pets. We have done memorial pieces in the past, but this past year made us more aware of the need so we have added a couple more items to fulfill this need. We now have Memorial Urns, which have the perfect place for Nan to paint a beautiful portrait to celebrate the life of your most special companion. We have also added a personal keepsake the special Love's Lockets, a memento that you can keep close to your heart. As always if you have any more suggestions we would love to hear from you!

6/18/2007 Our third and final fundraiser project for this year, which gives you one last opportunity to win a portrait of your pet by Nan and support a fellow animal enthusiast organization! Check out the Al Khamsa 2007 Raffle and get your tickets to win a 12" x 16" painting! If you are interesting in fundraiser project, just contact us and we can assist you in your fundraising goal.

3/12/2007 Announcing our second fundraiser project this year, which gives you another opportunity to win a portrait of your pet by Nan and support a fellow dog club! Check out the Yankee Pug Dog Club 2007 Fundraiser Project and get your tickets to win a grand 14" x 18" painting today!

1/10/2007 I have added a new section about fundraiser projects in the Art and Design department of our website. I will be adding more examples of how we can help your club with fundraising and featuring more examples of projects that we have done. To kick off the new year, our first project is for the Canadian Scottish Terrier Club.You have an opportunity to win one of two portraits pieces buy Nan and support a good cause for health research for our canine friends. More about the CSTC Specialty 2007 Fundraiser and how to get your tickets!

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5/10/2006 Well it is now official, 911 addresses have finally reached us here in rual Virginia. Please take note of our new mailing address!

3/12/2006 We are proud to announce that Nan will be a featured artist at the American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog Artists' Registry Exhibition. The announcement is featured on our In the Spotlight page with pictures and details about the show. Her art will be on display at the museum in Saint Louis from June 11, 2006 to September 17, 2006. Be sure not to miss it!

2/8/2006 We added some new items and they can be found on the recently added Doorplates and Plaques page. The new Oval Porcelain Plaques are just gorgeous and are a beautiful Victorian styled addition to our collection. Nan will also have some work represented in some shows, I will have details here for you soon!

11/16/2005 Our website's new third version is up! It may look similar but it is completely different in the technical sense. The old site relied on JavaScript and more and more folks are disabling JavaScript over security concerns so this version can be completely access without JavaScript enabled although you will miss some of the little effects that both assist you and beautify the studio. Enjoy!

04/04/2005 Well, I could not wait any longer! The new Little Works Studio is up! A top to bottom upgrade, not only do we have a new look but I put a lot of effort "under the hood"! New expanded menus to expand the information and examples of our art! Key word searches on the gallery, refinements to our checkout and much, much more. I have not finished all the About the Art pages, and the custom order form still presents a challenge where 'custom' defies automation, but the rest of the site is up! Just before publishing, our hosting company FatCow did a platform upgrade that also added to the complexity of the upgrade, but also help the enhancements, one of which is our secure server use 256-bit encryption to further secure your data when you order. Hopefully I have made the site easier to use and more pleasurable to browser. I have laid the groundwork for further enhancements tell uswhat you think, we would love to hear from you and are always interested in suggestions to improve Little Works Studio

2/13/2003 Annual Tradition! Yes, we are make our annual pilgrimage to the Baltimore show. Come check out our booth at the Baltimore County Kennel Club show this April 18, 2004 in Timonium Maryland. We will have some exquisite fine art for you!

02/06/2004 Behind the scenes. Yes, I have made some major coding charges to the site. Most will be invisible to you, technical geeky stuff, but they are part of a major phase in expansions of features for this site. What is visible to you at this time is that in the galleries sold pieces' thumbnails are not obscured by a big SOLD sign, but now have a little red SOLD flag beside it. The items you have selected for your Collection now have a green BUY flag instead of the little '$' sign. The end results are that you can better browse the gallery and I can manage more pieces online. What features would you like to see to help you enrich or simplify your experience at our site? Please let me know your input is important to us and to make this the best site to shop for those most precious things!

FTPplanet 08/21/2003 FTPplanet's Site of the Week! I am proud to announce that our site was chosen by FTPplanet's weekly award for our design and style. We have tried to make our site both unique and beautiful while still being functional and informative. It is rewarding being recognized by fellow webmasters for site having been built by straight hand-coding and custom graphics! Thanks and I do use WS_FTP to maintain this site. It is a great product.

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08/19/2003 Yankee Pug Dog Club Specialty! Yes, we are doing another club's trophies. You can preview some on our Spotlite Page. Come see us at our booth, we will be at the Yankee Pug Dog Club Specialty - PDCA National Specialty as well in Sturbridge, MA Sept 30 - Oct 4, 2003. Hope to see you there!

04/05/2003 Out in Public! Yes, we will be leaving the studio to do a show. Come see us at our booth at the Baltimore County Kennel Club show this April 20, 2003 in Timonium Maryland. Hope to see you there. I have updated some of our art pages and added a new page on Nan's portrait paintings.

Happy Holidays 12/02/2002 Seasons Greeting! Do you like the holiday touch? More than just the décor has changed the new Gallery system is up and running! Now your can search all the Galleries by breed, your own personal select collection with just a click! The other benefit is that I can put lots more pieces online with the new system. Now that it is up and running, I will be stocking the galleries with many more items never shown. With such an expanded selection and easier browsing, I guarantee finding that special gift could not be simpler!

10/20/2002 Secure Custom Order & Inquiry Form is now up and running! In addition to SSL the new form has a handy Item Price Lookup and online Calculator. It is the first phase of the new Gallery and Order system that I am writing. It will allow us to put many more beautiful pieces on the web! It is coming soon, you will be able to search across all the galleries for your breed, your own Personal Gallery. I have also posted our Privacy Policy it is simply simple!

10/03/2002 Spotlight the Holidays! In the Spotlight today are fine porcelain ornaments. Check it out and get your order in today and have your own very special ornament in time to top off your tree! I am currently working on new gallery code that will allow you to search and sort all the galleries. Hope to finish it up soon and make your holiday shopping a snap, (or maybe a click!).

08/04/2002 Introducing our new secure-server online gallery order form. Now you can add to your collection with the convenience and ease of the net and be assured that your purchase information is secure with SSL provided by Thawte. Checkout Thawte certificates I hope to soon finish the code to expand the secure-server order form for custom orders and other communications to us. It is just part of our dedicated effort to create the best site to serve you. Your best source for personal fine art, your future heirlooms to be treasured for generations. As always I would love to here from you, with your comments or suggestions.

04/16/2002 Little Works Studio finally has its own home, www.LittleWorksStudio.com! I am excited, now I have new tools to implement the features to make your art collecting easier and more fun.

12/26/2001 Announcing something brand-new to Little Works Studio, Special Enamel Painted Pieces. They are introduced on out Spotlight Page. Vibrant and colorful items with many examples to see!

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I am also pleased to announce that the major overhaul of our website. I have a few more pages left to complete, most of it is up an running. I will be always revising and adding new features. If you have and problem or suggestions I would like to hear them, email me your suggestions.First, there is more than one online gallery, with more to follow. We will be able to expand the number and types of pieces to show you. The handy new QuickJump feature will help you find pieces on the gallery.

Shopping the gallery is now easier with My Collection Treasure Chest always handy in the floating navigation bar, and checkout has special encryption for your credit card info.

11/15/2001 You can now see Nan create her magic on porcelain with a new animated display on the Process Page. If you get lost just click the Site Map Compass Rose on the floating navigation bar and view the map of out entire site.

There is more to come, more info more pieces in the next few days so keep checking back. If you need help or have suggestions, please let me know.



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