Doorplates and Plaques

Here are some very special wall hangings that are a departure for the framed painting. Porcelain plaques have a long and respected tradition. The Victorian era was the height of the style. We offer several varieties of enamel on porcelain plaques. Painting on porcelain gives a special depth and luminosity unparalleled by any other media. They serve as great gifts or show trophies and have room for inscribing events, name and dates.

Porcelain Doorplates

Example of a Doorplate

Porcelain Doorplate Example:
Old English Sheepdog shown

Made of fine porcelain and delicate styling. Doorplates are so elegant and inviting imagine your breed gracing the do to your office or home. They are memorable trophies and can be inscribed. Memorialize a special dog or event. Add your kennel name and advertise with distinction!

Example of a Inscribed Doorplate

Porcelain Doorplate Inscribed:
Tibetan Spaniels shown

For prices see 4 in. x 6 in. Porcelain Doorplate at Prices

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Oval Porcelain Plaques

Brand New Item!
Example of a Small Oval Porcelain Plaque

Small Oval Porcelain Plaque Example:
Ibizan Hound shown

A detailed decorative metal frame adorns these plaques with appealing Victorian style. They are perfect for portraits and make very special gifts. In vision your favorites all memorialized and gracing your walls! These pieces become part of breed history and become family heirlooms. Available in three sizes, small, medium and large. The small plaque is about 5 inches tall including the metal frame which we customize the patina to coordinate with each piece. The medium place is about 7 inches tall and the large is a grand 10 inches tall.

For prices see Small, Medium, or Large Oval Plaques at Prices

Example of a Large Oval Porcelain Plaque

Large Oval Porcelain Plaque Example:
Brussels Griffon shown inscribe with name

We have found that they make exquisite trophies! Contact us if you are looking for something outstanding for your next specialty! Also see our Trophy Projects Page and our Spotlite Page where Yankee Pug Dog Club Specialty 2003 Trophies are featured.

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