Portraits by Nan Kilgore

Framed Paintings on Panel

Although I can work on with any media my preference is Acrylics on prepared panel. The paintings are done in multiple layers of transparent and opaque paint. This process gives a depth and luminosity that is quite unique. Sizes of my work range from miniature to quite substantial. All are custom framed with great consideration in matching the artwork. Dogs are dearest to me, being a foundation breeder of Ibizan Hounds and they have been the main topic of my work, but I am not limited to dogs as my subject. I can paint any animal including the "human" ones and will show examples below.


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Portraits Are More Than Just The Dog

Studies of Bart

Study drawings of Bart

I was given the commission to paint a handsome Bulldog Bart for Michael and Myra Myers of Starbull Bulldogs. The photo they sent me showed a powerful Bart sitting in a quiet, well-groomed lawn. After doing all my research on the breed I decided to do Bart justice he should be in a more historic setting. I gave him a rich Constable type landscape and behind him I put a red English Shorthorn Bull. After I had completed the painting I felt I had been successful in doing Bart, as he deserved to be portrayed. Then it occurred to me that this transformation might be a shock to Michael and Myra! Luckily they were very pleased and I went on to do a lovely white bitch with cows in the distance.

Painting of Bart

Portrait of Bulldog: Bart

I think it is of outmost importance to consider every brushstroke in a composition. There is not a situation of subject and background, but rather a seriously developed environment with the dog being the central focus. The environment should reflect the personality of the individual subject.

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Not A Slave To The Photo

Rachel and Trixie photo

Reference Photo

Rachel and Trixie photo

Finished Painting

This commission of this lovely child and her Ibizan Hound reminded me of the wonderful Victorian fairy paintings. So I took her from her comfy couch and put her in a sylvan setting. To show the Ibizan to her best advantage I put her ears in a more upright alert position.

I work closely with clients to achieve the most artistic and satisfactory results. My sculptural training and breed knowledge allows me to manipulate the subject's position. I desire to create a painting that will be cherished though the generations, perhaps to become part of the history of the breed. The important point here is that I do not need the perfect picture to create your painting. In fact several images are better that a single image because the images are just the initial reference point and the painting grows from it. I do not copy photographs.

If you are interested in a portrait for a special friend and want more information or a quote, please contact us. I can make something very special for you.

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More Than Dogs

Muscle Hill

Muscle Hill - World Champion Trotter - in private collection

Though I am known better for my canine art I also love to paint all kinds of animals, especially the noble horse. Here is a recent commission for Southwind Farm's Muscle Hill a world champion and one of the best trotters ever. My portrait celebrates his wonderful gate!


Rocket, Tennessee Walker - in private collection of V Belle Isle

Here are two more examples of equestrian art, an old school Tennessee Walker and an English style Jumper. I always work with the client and do not send out the work until it is perfection. With the Internet and email you can get proof images of the work before shipping. You can be anywhere in the world and with a click of a mouse enter our studio!

P Walker

English Jumper - in private collection of P Walker

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