Standing Porcelain Plaques

Bring the painting off the wall! Here is a change from the traditional wall hangings, to have a self-framing, self-standing porcelain plaque. No easels required; they are self-supporting and ready for display on a shelf or table. Painting on porcelain gives a special depth and luminosity unparalleled by any other media. They serve as great gifts or show trophies and have room for inscribing events, name and dates.

4x5 Rectangular Standing Plaque

Example of a Pug

4x5 Rectangular Standing Plaque Example:
Pug shown

Brand New Item!

A beautiful self-standing, self-framing porcelain plaques in a generous rectangular design that is very versatile for both head-stud portraits or for the entire animal! There is also plenty of room to incorporate names or short messages on plaque. Absolutely an outstanding trophy idea or a very special gift.

Example of a pair of Calvaliers

4x5 Rectangular Standing Plaque Example:
A pair of Calvaliers shown

We have found that these elegant plaques make great memorial or commemorative gift ideas. The Pug example was a special judge's gift. They can also serve as perfect fundraiser items. Plenty of room for titles, or in the case of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel piece, a double portrait that made for an exquisite fundraiser auction piece to command successful competitive bidding! Pieces that become personal heirlooms and a part of your breed history.

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