Tie Tacks

Tie Tacks for Men

Closeup of a Tie Tack

Closeup of a Tie Tack:
Wirehaired Fox Terrier shown

Mostly jewelry is directed towards women, but here is something very special for the men! These tie tacks have tiny porcelain disks 1/2 to 3/4 inch in diameter yet are exquisitely detailed. It is amazing that Nan can get such detail on such a small canvas! I have included a dime to help demonstrate the true scale of these little masterpieces. Of course as with all items you can have your own masterpiece, portraits are possible even on this small scale! Tie Tacks come registered with a Collector's Number and a certificate of authenticity, protected in a little silken purse.

Several Tie Tacks

Examples of Tie Tacks:
Bernese Mountain Dog, Wheaten & Chow shown

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