Memorial Urns

Celebrate a Life!

Urn pug_0212 Urn pug_0212 closeup

Memorial Urn Example: Pug "Ruby" shown
[view it hover mouse for closeup]

Brand New Item!

I have been humbled by the trust put in me to provide a resting place for what remains of the most beloved companions. These lovely urns have a circular depression that is the perfect place for me to paint an intimate portrait. I also completely custom paint the entire urn with my trademark layering of multiple color and iridescent washes that is reminiscent of art nouveau glass from the beginning of the last century. Name and dates may be a part of the painting. There are several styles of vessels available.


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Temple Jars as an Urn

Temple Jar ibh_0092 Temple Jar ibh_0092 closeup

Temple Jar as an Urn Example:
Ibizan "Nunzie" shown with inscription & dates
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Our Temple Jars can also be used as memorial urns. In the past before we found the more traditional urns above, these jars served our patrons well. It is by demand that we have sought out more options for vessels. We offer an uncompromising tribute to your most beloved companion.

Look at the page dedicated to the Temple Jars for more examples. Of course with all our pieces, if you have any questions or do not see exactly what you are looking for do not hesitate to contact us. We can create the perfect piece for you.


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