Porcelain Vases

Deco Cylinder Vases

Deco Cylinder Vase Examples

Deco Cylinder Vase Examples:
A Cavalier and Bullmastiff shown

Tall cylindrical vases with an oval cross-section exhibit smooth stylized line of Art Deco. Elegant in the simplicity of its shape, it is the perfect canvas for truly gorgeous portraits. Nan employs her special color blending techniques with the paint to depth and character to each piece! Simply beautiful! Vase is 6 inches tall and substantial in weight to a bouquet perfectly.

For prices see 6 in. Deco Cylinder Vase at Prices

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Pillow Vases

Example of a Small Pillow Vase Example

Small Pillow Vase Example Example:
Miniature Pinscher shown

A beautiful vessel for beautiful flowers. Lovely sweeping curves of this pillow-shaped vase provides a broad area for Nan to work her magic with style! This vase has loads of potential as a personal gift to a grand trophy. It is available to two sizes, the small pillow vase at 4-1/2 inches tall and a grand large pillow vase at 7-1/2 inches. Another example of the large pillow vase was the YPDC Best of Winners 2003 Trophy featured on the Spotlight page.

For prices see Small Pillow Vase and Large Pillow Vase at Prices

Large Pillow Vase Example

Large Pillow Vase:
Fancy Goldfish shown

The Large Pillow Vase is ideal for the most grand of trophies or gifts. It has commanding presents and there is ample room for dedications and dates. This is not something destine to be hidden in a closet or gather dust on a shelf!

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